34 weeks & Feeling Badass


Fiancé and I just got back from our week long trip! Baby and I made it!

I drove us 4 1/2 hours on country roads twice and we took a total of 4 plane rides. Spent the week dealing with stressful things, but got to spend some time alone with my fiancé and meet my future in-laws. Also, going back home was nice.

We only had two minor scares, possible contractions one day but they went away and didn’t come back. Second was just the stress that was put on me from a terrifying landing. Couldn’t see the runway until about 30 seconds before touchdown because of snow clouds in May!

I won’t lie, I pushed myself way too much and I’m definitely paying for it now. But, I have an NST tomorrow and my US from last week showed that my little girl is now double the size she was a month ago!

Thanking God for our safe travels and I’m so grateful I got the opportunity to travel with my fiancé before our little one is here💕