Why even RSVP 🙃


So we decided to do a baby Q after my son was born for everyone to meet him and to get some stuff hopefully off our registry. (We didn't do a baby shower while pregnant because my first was stillborn and I was nervous about something happening) And I'm honestly beyond disappointed. Had about 30 RSVPs plus kids that they were coming. So I spent so much money on food to make sure we had enough. Literally 3 of those showed up. So it was like 8 people total including their kids that showed today. And two of those with their kids were family. Only one friend showed with her son. I wouldn't have minded so much if half of these people didn't ask me to do one because they wanted to come. I wasted so much money and time on this. I just wish people wouldn't say they were coming if they didn't actually plan to. We ended up in the hospital right after he was born so I couldn't do it when he was 1-2 weeks old like we were initially going to. And then everyone asked me to change it to today instead of last weekend so they could definitely make it 🙄