I’ve created a cry baby and now my little one won’t even sleep at night 💔


While my son was a newborn I didn’t have a swing or a place to sit him in so he was always in my arms. No matter what I was doing I did it while holding him. We eventually got a nice swing I thought for sure he’d love and nope! We finally got him a walker and he loved it for the first 2 days and now he doesn’t want to be in it for more than 5 minutes. I can’t even shower anymore because he cries to be picked up. Car rides are even a nightmare if I’m not sitting in the back with him.

Another issue I’m having is he stopped sleeping through the night this week. When he was a newborn he wouldn’t sleep and I figured out a night time schedule and it worked like a charm and he’d sleep from 10/11pm - 8/9am, it was nice! This week he started waking up in the middle of the night to be held, if I try to lay him down he screams, last night was the worst so far because it happened every 2 hours!!!! 😢

He’s almost 7 months, is this a sleep regression, anyone else’s babies going through this? Please help 💔