B/H update. Having a really rough day/night, please help

I posted earlier about having b/h all day. Shortly after posting I started to feel real off and nauseous and ended up throwing up my dinner. I threw up so hard a small gush of urine came out while I was puking (dont think its fluid because I'm not steadily leaking now) After I threw up my dinner i felt better no more nausea.

But now I am cramping even more and still having stonger than normal hicks contractions. Possibly from throwing up and my muscles tensing up?

I was out in the sun and heat for a little bit today, but made sure to drink water. Maybe I just didnt drink enough? And its causing all of this? Still resting and drinking water. But I am so confused.

Sorry to keep posting, its been a really tough day with the constant b/h, cramps and now the vomiting incident. I just want to cry. Below is my original post.