Words of Wisdom

I am suffering from PTSD after two extremely drawn out missed miscarriages which were both incomplete. Overall I have had three ERPCs, one MVA and two medical managements. Both lasted over four months each to resolve with repeated surgeries. I am getting counselling but haven’t felt like myself in nearly a year. I’m panicking constantly and suffer from insomnia. I hate the person I have become as I used to be so positive and outgoing.

One week ago, I got my BFP. Kept testing everyday and my line got stronger. I announced to my husband on Friday who was over the moon with the news and to see me so happy again. Later the same evening, we had sex. Just three hours later, I noticed pink spotting when I went to the bathroom. This spotting has been present all weekend.

I need help to cope while waiting what is to happen next. I’m expecting the worst but a tiny part of me wants to believe this could be implantation bleeding or bleeding because we had sex.

Words of wisdom greatly appreciated from other strong women who’ve been in my shoes. Mc is so lonely and I feel my world is crashing down around me.

I’ve taken today off work and already people are talking. After two mc, People automatically assume your absence is because you’re pregnant. I’m not ready to tell yet. I am 5 weeks at most.

Feeling fraught, desperate and foolish.

Need advice. Please help xxx