Started our nursery today ❤️


I’m 20 weeks and wanted to get a jump on our nursery before I get too huge and uncomfortable....but my husband and his friend did all the work. Baby will be sharing a room with us for at least a year because we live in a one bedroom house right now but the cheap rent here is allowing us to save to buy a bigger house and our landlord is a close family friend so we are allowed to do whatever we want to the house (such as paint).

Today my husband and friend painted the green onto the wall and set up our crib. We have some things to hang on the wall but we didn’t get that far yet. It’s definitely starting to feel more real though🥰

Also, in case anyone is wondering, we are having a baby girl. But since the day I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted the wall to be this color...I don’t know why.