Its so difficult

Who else are like me am I alone in this I’ve been trying for like a year or so I have irregular periods I was 55days late so I spott 3days a dark red and a dark brown in those 3days I was spotting always at morning and then the whole day I was clean but I keep spotting not some much but something my first day was brown 👇🏻

This never happend to me before like never!! And usually when my period is about to start I always had Bad cramping but this whole week I don’t feel anything not cramping at all. Yesterday morning I was having nauseous and I feel dizzy all the time. Which is weird cause I’m never dizzy. Anyways I wanna go to the doctor but I dont have insurence right know and I’m to a scared to take a pregnancy test and then came back negative. 😭😭This is so hard for me! Cause everyone its having kids and Im just here wishing that I Can be a mom to😔💔It hurts whenever I see womans postying there positive test while Im hurting inside I mean I glad that they did It but it hurts so much