Plus size dating tips?


Hey girls, anyone have any advice on putting yourself out there and opening up to dating when you’re not a fan of your body?

I’m 20, bisexual, 5’10 and ~270 lbs. I’ve only kissed one or two people and only ever as friends. I’ve always just assumed that people aren’t going to like me or find me attractive because of my weight and have probably ruined one or two possible relationships because of it. Now I’m a bit older and have been at university for a couple of years, all of my friends are meeting people and I’m realising that I’d like that too.

I went out clubbing with some friends for a birthday last week and ran into a guy from my old uni who I haven’t seen for about 18 months. We were getting along really well, dancing together a bit, and had a few drinks, but I didn’t have the confidence to try to take it further. I just have no idea where to start/what to do and I’m afraid of being rejected, especially because of my body.

How did you guys meet your partners? Was your weight ever an issue? How did you get over it?