Feeling hurt


So as lately I've been feeling hurt. It's that yesterday is when it started the most and still building up but there is a back story...

Back Story: Long story short, I happened to have a laptop for sale and a man happened to buy it this past Wednesday Well I went to go sell it and after that I took a walk. So now my fiances mom is bitching I was gone for little over an hour being on foot. When I got home I told her I was ready for a shower than she tried to start accusing me of shit fucking the other dude. So she let it go but my fiance and I discussed it.

So fast to Sunday, May 18.....again she and him fucking brings it up again but tries to say again I fucked him when I didn't. By this time it's full of bull shit. Because I believe if someone can accuse of this dirty deed they have a guilty conscience.💆‍♀️🤦‍♀️✌ Which I've even dared him to message the dude and he says as well we did not fuck. And which of course they still won't believe me till I do a fucking std exam. It's like really, do they know how dumb this is gonna sound and No doubt I'm gonna make his mom look like a stupid bitch.

As well, I've been feeling hurt cuz me and my fiance only have had sex 3 times this month and now due to his moms stupid ass assumptions he's been with holding sexual desires. Like as now today we woke up at 3 and of course I'm in my fertile window I try to at least initiate mutual masturbation but he kept going soft during the hand job. And when he went to go finger me I had to finish myself since he couldn't even go 5 minutes of that.

All I know its if I'm gonna be accused of being a cheater one more fucking time I'm out the door. It's happened several times, but this is last fucking time.