Quitting smoking

Anyone else having trouble with smoking still? I quit cold turkey with my previous two pregnancies. Even the thought of a cigarette was disgusting to me and I had no desire for one. I did have alot of nausea and sickness with those two, with this one I have none and have not gotten sick at all. I'm 10w3d and still struggle with smoking cigarettes. I've cut down alot but i find it really hard to completely stop. My husband is also a smoker and he has tried to quit but cant seem to either. I do have a 2 and a half year old and a 1 year old and I stay home with them, it can get stressful (not blaming them at all) but maybe the stress kinda leads to wanting to smoke sometimes. Baby is very healthy and there has been no issues but I do feel bad and guilty about it and dont want any health problems with them down the road because of me. Anyone else struggling with this too or know someone who smoked while pregnant?