Need some advice


Hi there, I’m feeling really confused.

At 38, we are trying for our first baby. For the past 6 months I was having a 30 days cycle every month. These couple months I have been tracking ovulation. As we are planning to move soon, I didn’t get new pack of ovulation test this month. I have 2 left from last month and used it on CD 15 and 16, but it was negative. So I ovulate late this month but I’m not sure when coz I don’t have more tests on hand.

So today is my CD32 and test was still negative. I got a faint line on CD 30 but it was so faint I can’t be sure.

CD33 is approaching, I dunno what to expect, and feeling lost.

Please share your experience or any advice.

Thank you for your time reading this long post.

Babydust to all~~