What’s your first orgasm story, how did it feel?


I posted another post about my first orgasm after 5 years of trying. (Yeah. I know. 🙄😂) I was very inexperienced and just thought sex was never gonna he good so never bothered to put in the effort so for 5 years I just had sex to please my man. But we started working on it about 10 months ago and yesterday it finally happened and holy shit ladies! I had no idea what I was missing out on. I wanna hear about your first orgasm (how long did it take, what position, penetration or no, ect.) and what it felt like for you (I’m just curious because I’m not sure how I would describe it 🤔)

Also, do g-spot orgasms feel different than clit orgasms? Mine was clit since we really haven’t figured out the whole g-spot thing on me yet. Trust me we have looked everywhere. I think mines broken 😂

Personally it took an hour total and 90% of the time was oral. Is that a long time? It only happened last night so I haven’t been able to try again yet to see if it will be easier from now on since my man is out of town now for the next week 😑