Is this diarrhea??

Zayn’s Mommy • 👼🏽4.04.17👼🏽@22wks💙3.14.18🌈👶🏽💖4.19

FTM here and I don’t know a lot about baby stools. My daughter has been going off and on with poop every diaper change ranging in a lot to just streaks. Since yesterday we’ve been back to a lot of poop in the diaper. She’s feeding both breast and formula. Mostly formula since I’m not producing enough milk. She’s eating Gerber soy. She’s been spitting it up a lot too lately. Heard that could be normal tho. She’s going to be 5 weeks old on Wednesday. But anyway does this look like diarrhea or normal poop? I just got off the phone with a nurse who said her symptoms sound normal but I scheduled an appointment tomorrow just to be safe.