Early Symptoms and faint positive or am I trippin

I had sex on all 3 days ( may 3, 4&5) before my ovulation window (May7-13) as my bf and i had to be apart during ovulation window. I know sperm can last 5-6 days. About may 9th i started cramping and had slight nausea and milky white almost elmer glue glob in the toilet (never seen before). May 12 i had lots of cramps thought it was upset stomach it was so bad but nothin as i sat on toilet. Then the next morning sore breast, headaches, days that follow more nausea unless i eat then im ok amd nausea goes away. Extreme thirst, and extra salivating started about 5 days ago and a metallic taste in my mouth . Yesterday i was so moody woke up irritated and yelling, even started cryin because my bf wont be home for a few more days. He told me he thinks im pregnant and he has been feeling sick, vomiting, moody and headaches and extreme fatigue. I took a test to satisfy him as i think its just me getting older(pushing 30) and PMS getting worse. This was there i took 2 test. The first a faint line the second nothing. I think im about 8dpo. Should i waste money on another test or just wait for AF who is due may 26?? Its been 15 years since my only child was born soni don't remember how this works