Crazy story

So last night my mom and I went to the gym. We left real late 130 in the morning because that’s the only time we’re both free. So the road from our house into town is a one way road for two miles then it splits to two lanes. Well I’m driving and a ways infront of us there’s a car driving at a normal speed, when we got near them they suddenly slowed down to about 15-20mph on a 65mph road. I wasn’t going to pass them because it was foggy and we weren’t in a rush so we just drove like normal thinking nothing of it. When we got to the two lane split I attempted to get in the other lane to pass and these fools threw their car on my lane and almost hit me I had to slam my breaks. They started driving extremely slow to the point I didn’t even have my foot on the gas so I attempted to pass them again and they did the same thing! I was scared and didn’t know what to do so because it seemed like they were trying to keep me behind them so I kept trying to pass while they kept trying to hit me until I finally got a chance and zoomed as fast as I could away from them. I’ve never had something like that happen before and I don’t know if they were just road raging or they were really trying to lead me somewhere but that was so scary.