Should I kick him out ?


I was with this man for 7 years He was Amazing he was loyal We gave each other our all for 7 years and Two weeks ago he broke down told me he was confused He didn’t know what he wanted in life anymore. He cheated on me. He quit is dream job he now comes home around 3am every day drunk I don’t even wanna think about what he’s doing. He used to be an amazing dad now he doesn’t even send me a Text asking for his daughter. I’m so disappointed I don’t recognize this man anymore. I want a divorce He Betrayed me in the worst way and I won’t ever forgive him. Idk if I should kick him out though he has no were to go He saies he will sleep in his car but it makes me feel terrible. He is supposed to ne looking for a new place but hes so busy that I doubt he’s looking What do u guys think ? Ps i have tried to help him And try to get him go get help but he doesn’t want it so I’m done. his childhood was fucked up & he holds such a grudge against it but he always said he would do better for me and his daughter but since his mom & siblings don’t Realize how good of a man he is he thinks he might as well Fuckk his life up. I tried helping him trust me even after he told me he cheated on me But he told me he did not want the help & to leave him alone pushed me aside like garbage.