Pregnant with baby #2


Hey everyone!

So I took a pregnancy test and the lines appeared really quickly indicating I'm pregnant my SO and I were planning on having another child but honestly not this soon we were planning for next year (but god has other plans 💗 I am grateful for this blessing ). But I am excited/VERY NERVOUS/ and scared/worried

See the thing is I have a daughter who will be 18 months next week. - this is where I get nervous and scared because I love her so much I'm hoping that I can share the love (I don't know if that makes sense) also I'm scared because she is still in diapers and I'm worried how to potty train her and also transition her to a big girl bed (she isn't climbing out of her crib just yet) but we were thinking of using the crib for the new baby.

I'm worried what it will be like with 2 babies?! Will I be pulling my hair out?

Will I need to be put in a Looney bin?

To all the STM's can you please help me ease my anxiety with your expierences and mom hacks i'm feeling very overwhelmed right now

Thank You!!!!