Gabriella • 🖤 ttc #2. If you can’t be nice, don’t say anything at all 💋🤟🏼 RUDE

So..... no one outside of my family knows that I’m engaged. I cannot keep it a secret any longer, so I came to share the news with you guys!

He proposed to me on Mother’s Day 💕💍

In a small church at the park with all of our children and parents...... I had no idea. He cried. I thought he was joking. He was serious...... Best day of my life!

The ring is stunning. It’s perfect. He couldn’t have done a better job!

What did I do to deserve such an amazing man!? I have not a clue!!

🖤 so excited for our future and our ttc journey! We are getting married October 12th of this year!

I’m such a happy girl. I never thought someone could ever love me this much. 😩🥰 I’m gunna be a Taylor!!! #wedorecover #lifeafterrecovery