Need helpful advice

I really need helpful insight so I’ll try to keep it short. My “fiancé” & I are from California. In January we moved to Arizona for his job. I am 7 months pregnant with a planned baby & when we moved in together in Arizona we started not getting along. He told his parents about our issues & they ended up advising him to kick me out of our house which he did. I decided to stay in Arizona because California is way too expensive & I don’t have a job either way. I am receiving GI bill benefits from going to school, that’s my income for the moment. I had begged my fiancé not to kick me out cus I didn’t want to separate cus I love him also didn’t want to deal with how the separation would complicate him being there for the birth if I moved back home. I also suggested couples therapy. He chose to kick me out anyway & asked me to stay local so that we wouldn’t have to risk him missing the birth & he said he would help with anything I needed in the last trimester(just not financially). I chose to listen to him & stay close to his place but told him that I did not want to act like we were in a relationship if we weren’t going to be in one. He has since played back & forth & isn’t consistent with his contact with me. I confronted him today & he said that I’m

not his wife & said that we will talk sometimes & sometimes we won’t. Which leaves me hurt & confused because we go out to dinner sometimes & are intimate sometimes too but hes not fully trying to be with me. So now I want to end contact with him because I keep crying myself to sleep every night & I don’t think that’s fair. I need to get away from the situation & focus on my baby & not stressing myself with him because he would be with me if he wanted to be with me. Only thing is that he said he will hate me if I leave & make him miss the birth but I need my sanity I feel I’m going crazy & don’t know if my responsibility is to stay & if I’m being selfish for thinking of leaving. Also, if I stay, he’s supposed to be staying at my place for 3 weeks to help with the baby but how am I supposed to put everything that’s happening aside & do that? I don’t have any family or friends here in Arizona so I don’t know who to talk to about all of this. Help:(