Is I’m Pregnant Again Or Another Miscarriage ?

Nicole • 🖤💜💛🖤💜💛

Hello Ladies So 2 Months Ago I Just Had Am Miscarriage And Last Month I Had My First Period Again So It All Happen This Month Me And My Partner Had Sex Multiple Times In The Beginning Of This Month When I Was Ovulating

On The 22nd I Was Suppose To Start My Period But It Did Not Come So The Next Day I Took A Pregnancy Test And It Came Out Positive But The Line Was Very Faint

Next 3 Days And Took Another One Still Positive But Still Faint A Little Darker And Now Today Went To The Bathroom Too Take My 3rd One It Was Still Positive And Faint But When I Wipe There Was Blood Well It Was Light Pink Then Saw Brown So I Finish Wiping

And I’m Thinking It’s Implantation Bleeding But Then I Went Back To The Bathroom Just To Wipe And It Was Bright Red And Saw A Little Blood Clot

So As Of Now I Don’t Know Whats Going On I Think It’s Either I’m Going Thru Another Miscarriage

Or Maybe The Reason Why My Test Was Positive Is Because Maybe All Of My Miscarriage Tissue From 2 Months Ago Didn’t Pass And I Still Have HCG Levels In My Body

I Just Hope For The Best Thou ...Ladies I Need Ur Thoughts And Opinions Or Even Own Similar Experiences 😔

Also I Did Go To The Hospital The Day When I Found Out I Was Pregnant Again And They Took My Urin And The Results Came Back Positive On They End As Well