UGH. :Rant:


Please let me know if this isn’t in the right group lol. And please no rude comments.

This might be a little long, so bear with me lol.

So I’ll start off by saying that my wife and I have been trying to get pregnant for the past 6 months or more, and I’m really starting to get fed up. I want our rainbow baby so bad. 😢

So yesterday we found out that my wife’s sister is pregnant. She already has 3 kids. And I really am just upset about it. And I’m trying so hard to be happy for her, but I just can’t. But the reason I’m so upset is because all she does is go out partying, drink and smoke weed. And she does it around and in front of her kids !!!!! My wife and I have told her something before, but she doesn’t seem to care.

Her kids barely have anything, because she’d rather go out and party and get fucked up and buy weed, than be at home taking care of her kids or buying them stuff.

And I’m just worried because she doesn’t have her own place. She lives in a very small 1 bedroom apartment with this guy, so there’s 5 people staying in a tiny 1 bedroom, and she’s not working. They’re not together, and the sister has been trying to move out on her own. But it’s like, you can’t move out if you don’t have a job, how are you gonna support your kids?

My wife and I try helping her any way we can, by always giving her money, or taking her kids out, buying them stuff, etc. but that has since stopped because of some other issues with the sister aswell.

I don’t know, guys. 😕 maybe I’m being negative, but I just can’t shake the feelings I have.

Do you ladies have any advice on how to properly deal with this?

Do you think I’m wrong for feeling this way?

I’ve brought it up to my wife a couple times before but she always gets mad when I tell her how I feel, so I stopped telling her.

And it’s just like, how can someone who has no regard or care apparently for their current children get pregnant?! It makes me sad and depressed. 😔

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!