Holy crap SWAT???


Sooo i had just put my baby in his car sest to run to the store and i hesr a knock, i answer the door and a sherrif and 6 other officers are standing with a stack of papers in hand, and ask ny name. They asked who lives here and i told them myself, 2 kids and husband . They showed me a pic of a big man I've never seen and said he has a warrant for assault on an officer with a weapon and they need to check if hes here. I allowed them in and 6 big officers pulled their guns and walked around my house(which is very small by the way) i was shaking and my baby was staring at them and my puppy was trying to play.. boy oh boy, was that an experience . They even had dogs outside searching!! Im MORTIFIED.my neighbors are auper nosey.. im sure im the talk of the block now