Judge me & honest answer please!

I want you girls to be honest with me, not just only because of you want to support me and being kind.

I have ex bf. we have broke up for long time ago (2 years probably) he cheated on me when he went to military. The relationship was toxic. But he was my first love, first sex and first of everything. (We’re together for 6 years, lots of memory)

I decided to leave because i knew staying would only have left me even more hurt.

I short,

Now my ex is getting married. He seems happy with his life. and tbh i’m not really with mine and i dont know why.

It doesn’t bother me much, like i still can sleep at night. Im not living in a miserable life.

i’m happy with my life. I have bf too anyway.

But things like this kinda slips into my mind for quite a while.


Why can’t i just be such an ignorant with this news?

Is it because i still love him and he is not?

Am i wrong for choosing to leave?

What can i do? What should i do?

I really want to have a peace of mind. I dont want to

feel bothered at all.

Please feel free to judge me and honest with me.