So surreal... is it really true??!


I am lost for words because I was starting to think this would never happen. And also still worried. We had a chemical pregnancy a few months ago and spent a few days thinking I was pregnant. But this time my blood work came back with the HCG level being 44 and I go back tomorrow to make sure it doubled (last time I only got up to a 15 but did have a positive test)

We’ve been trying for 20 months. Tried fertility drugs and a injection. But took a couple months off of that and tried to relax and not stress about it. Actually went into this month thinking it wouldn’t be the worst thing if we weren’t pregnant this month since we have the 21 pilots concert, camping, and my bday. But it was meant to be I guess! Just hoping for those high HGC numbers tomorrow 🤞🏼🤞🏼

(Also, if there is anyone out there that have been trying for awhile, this might have been a coincidence, but I used a diva cup for the first time. So TMI- but after sex I put it in there to catch all the escaping guys, google diva cup if you don’t know what it is)