Husband trying to get rid of cat!

I’m hormonal and pregnant, but I’m still upset. My husband comes in from work and immediately starts complaining about the cat. (He hates the hair) we are currently in a small apt but we are moving to a house that is over double the size in a week. He then says, “we need a conversation about getting rid of your cat”. It hurt me. I didn’t freak out on him or anything. But told him I have no interest in giving up my cat. He had a dog that was his, and even though I hated the dog, I never once told him he had to get rid of it. We have been married for four years and I’ve had the cat for three. He is angry with me now and just left the house angry. There was no fight or anything, he was just mad that I’m not willing to. This is a new thing...and I’m really hurt that he just expects me to give up my pet :(

Update: I have asked him to take care of the cat while I’m pregnant but he won’t. I clean the liter (with gloves and mask) myself and feed her. He does nothing for the cat.