Pregnant 🤪

𝐵𝓊𝓃𝓃𝓎 • Que será, que será.

I’ve already posted everywhere in comments and what not about how I’m feeling this pregnancy, but I have yet to actually announce.

I wanted to hit around 12 weeks before being official. I was also struggling with this pregnancy, even though we were TTC.

Here’s my story ❤️

Back in October 2018, we decided to start TCC. I have a history of ovarian cysts, I spot between cycles. Never know the actual first day of my period because I’ll bleed a week prior, spot, and then a full cycle will start. Some days it lasts 10 days, others it’s 2 or 3. I decided to see a gynecologist. I figured I had endometriosis or PCOS. It’s common in my family. I was “borderline endo” and ruled out for PCOS.

As for my boyfriend, he would have dry ejaculations. So that was another issue. But he avoids doctors at all costs and believes in homeopathic remedies/medicine. So getting a semen analysis was a huge stretch.

I joined Glow.

October-Nothing. November-Nothing. December-Nothing. I bought an Easy@Home Kit for around 8$. Figured I would give it a try. I started using OPKs. I felt like we had sex at all the right moments but I could never tell if my boyfriend actually made semen. He couldn’t tell either. He said it felt like it. I would go in and it felt like nothing at all. No leaking or wetness after.

January-Nothing. February came and I was positive I was pregnant. I had symptoms, I know he produced a large amount of semen the times we BD. I had a normal period and blazing OPKs. Glow predicted ovulation tat same day..But I ended up getting my period on time. I was out of OPKs and pregnancy tests.

I was emotionally drained. I have 3 children from another relationship and we never tried. I just got pregnant the first month.

I decided to go to school for nursing. Focus on myself, our relationship, my kids, being thankful and becoming myself/more spiritual again. I was devoting so much time to sex and testing (sounds easy) it was making me lose myself.

March, I have my period. I was bumping heads with my boyfriend a lot. I didn’t want to have sex or get pregnant by him that month lol. Glow predicted my ovulation, I figured because glow was off on my ovulation days during the prior months, it must be wrong or there’s something else going on for us. So I had sex the day after glows predicted ovulation. We had pre seed on hand and I wasn’t really in the mood so we used that. I noticed things felt very saturated. Maybe he actually produced some semen this time. I got hopeful, and wanted to have sex again lol. We didn’t and the next day I went and used pre seed, thinking I would get lucky. But I didn’t.

I figured it was past ovulation already. We only had sex once.. I was pretty much out that month. Went on as usual.

I also believe in signs. I had a few signs in March.

Lol the Facebook one is a massive stretch and not valid at all. But it was still funny to me.

I see butterflies, like a bunch of butterflies one week. My boyfriend and I went on a hike and a butterfly landed on me. That’s a sign of fertility and life. I felt like my spirituality was being tested.

At 3DPO. I had egg white discharge. Along with heavy white discharge. It was a weird consistency. 5DPO i got a glass of water, looked at it, and wanted to throw up. I love water! I didn’t even question why. Lol but looking back, i know why. 7DPO we had sex and I noticed a tiny bit of blood. It was a rusty red color. 8DPO, i was extremely bloated. I never bloat. I went to buy some equate 88 cent tests. I could see my stomach shadow.

I took the first test that night. It was negative. I knew it. Again.. 9DPO i took another and thought I could see a very faint line. So I took another later that day. I forgot about it. About 40minutes later I could see a line. Still faint but it was noticeable. I posted both here and everybody told me negative/evap.

10DPO i had one last test. I took it as soon as I woke up. It was positive. I could clearly see a pink line. 😍 i packed my kids up, went to Walmart and got FRERS. I went to my moms house. And took the tests there.

I didn’t want to tell anybody but I was so excited. I yelled for my mom. We cried! My sister came in and saw out faces, she said, “you’re pregnant aren’t you!!?” Yes!!

I told my boyfriend and he just held me for so long. He said he knew he got me pregnant that time and he knew it happened then because that’s when he made a girl lol.

Im due December 17th. Baby’s heart rate was 174 this week. It’s measuring 3 days ahead. I’m sick. Soooo sick. Breast have gone up a cup size.

I mentioned before that I was struggling with this pregnancy. I was not happy after the first few weeks. I was sick, tired, stressed out, having issues with my boyfriend, I was just not happy anymore. But I had a long talk with myself and everything changed. I am beyond excited to watch my belly grow. Prepare and welcome this baby into the world.

Thanks for reading my story! ❤️