Announcing tomorrow cause I can’t keep it in!


I can’t keep a secret about myself to save my life lol! These last two months (well month and half) have been SO HARD not telling everyone I know that we are (I am) pregnant.

But I had my first ultrasound today! Baby is a whopping 2cm with a heart rate of 171! (I had been so worried that the tech would say “sorry, there is no heartbeat” that I almost cried when she said it was 171)

So tomorrow - even though I am only 8 and a bit weeks - we are announcing! I just can’t keep it in anymore lol! But we have to wait to tell grandparents in person (luckily we get to see them tomorrow)

Our announcement is both a play on our last name Neufeld (new-feld) and the book “one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish” as I happen to have a red fish named Marley