My poor brother 😭

My brother is disabled and he is on welfare. He recently got married his wife doesn’t even live with him but come to him for money once a month, she uses his money for make ups and clothes. He only gets $770 a month, after rent and medical bill, he hardly has money for food. Since he gives her the little money he has left, he can’t offered to eat anything but bread. He told me he hasn’t had any meat for 3 weeks now. I gave him $200 a month, I have no problem helping with his bill but he keeps giving his bad wife money that I give him! I question him why he does that, he said it’s not my business! I hate to see him eat only bread and junks, I want him to live a better life but no matter how much I have him, he turns around gives to his bad wife. She never comes to see him only when she needs money. He doesn’t want to get a divorce bc he loves her.

What can I do to help him? I want him to eat better and think for himself! 😢