My partner is a gamer...

My SO is a gamer. That’s fine, we all need hobbies. But it’s too much. We have a 9 week old daughter. All last weekend (a 4 day weekend), he just played his game. Didn’t complete any house projects he has started and complains about not being done with. Didn’t help with our daughter, other than some diaper changes. And he games in the living room. I have to watch this crap nonstop. But when I want to watch a TV show, he complains through the whole thing and acts like I have had the TV all day. 🙄 He stayed home today. Said he was sick. Played his video game all day. Said he was too contagious to hold our daughter. I think it’s allergies if anything. When I am sick, I sleep in bed all day. I think he stayed home just to play his game.

Listen, he is a hard worker usually. I want him to have free time. However, he has too much. I am with our daughter 24/7, and I have to cook and clean. I am getting frustrated. I don’t want to have to ask him to help with her and I don’t want to have to wait for him to get done slaying a monster before he can change a diaper. I don’t get to do anything. Ever. I spent most of my time breastfeeding our daughter. I have no time for hobbies. The only thing I can do is watch TV whole feeding her, and I can’t do that when he is constantly gaming.

I just needed to vent because he doesn’t get it and I am losing my mind.