What’s wrong with me?

I haven’t been crying a good while. I have been dating this boy for a year now and he loves to joke. I unfortunately don’t know how to take a joke I’m always serious & etc. he throws that back at me all the time but don’t be trying to make me feel bad but I always feel bad about it. So I try to embrace his jokes but his jokes for example “that was my other girl calling.. lol I’m just playing” or “you looking good for another dude” these are his jokes. So he was joking & started to joke about my mom I’m really sensitive about her because she has a lump in her thyroid to keep her from eating & gaining weight so she smokes weed to eat. Jokingly he calls my mom a pothead & I took that very seriously but I told him nicely to not joke about her I know he was joking but I wasn’t built nor ready to joke about her because people always picked on her. He said see this why I hate joking with you cause you can’t take a joke I’m not disrespecting your mom just joking just like you (me) joking about my mom don’t work out same with me.

I don’t know is there something wrong with me? Am I too uptight?