Yuppers ganna do it

Going to ask my obgyn to admit me to the hospital for these last 5 days. I've been feeling stressful, and my husband just doesnt get it. I'm exhausted and tired and just need to rest. Hes been wanting so much sex and I just dont feel well to do so. Then he moves on to sucking his dick, and I just dont want to. Like bud I'm focused on this baby and all I'm wanting to do with my vagina is push him out and everything will be ok. Like I'm nervous hell and feel as my anxiety gets worse each and every day. So badly that I've been wanting to medicate myself, but dont want to risk CPS being called on me if they happen to test me and or the baby which my obgyn stated there is no reason to test us after birth. That I will have my son, they will wait to do his pku test and then she will come in and see me and my sons pediatrician will come see us and we will be released if everything is good.