Just had a huge fight with partner 32 weeks pregnant

I’m 32 weeks pregnant I have a 4 year old and a 18 month old to my partner of 5 years.

This afternoon he was outside with the kids and I heard him flick his lighter so I opened the back door and noticed he was in the middle of smoking a bong with our children 2 metres away playing.

I don’t smoke, I have expressed to him many times I don’t want it around our kids that he needs to do that away from our kids. So when I opened the door and realised he was smoking right in front Of then I couldn’t help it but just go off.

I was so disgusted and disappointed. They are my children and they can’t defend themselves, they don’t have a choice of what they are exposed to at that age. It’s not something I want my kids around at all. I know it’s only weed, that’s not the point. It’s the fact that he is that blinded and addicted to it that he can’t even see how big of a deal it is for him to be doing it in front of them.

So I probably went over board with the yelling but he basically was telling me to fuck off etc he said he was gna walk away and blow out the smoke - so I said itsnot just about the smoke you’re doing it in front of them? He kept telling me to be quiet everyone in the street can hear ( it was dead quiet and everything echoes in our street)

I’m standing in the door way and he closes the screen door knowing I’m standing there and it hits me in the face in my nose, he didn’t apologise. He kept trying to close the door and tell me to go away and it kept hitting me, he knew I hadn’t moved.

Anyway, my lip is a bit swollen from being hit from the door.

I told him were over, what he did was not acceptable. He of course tried to blame me and say I wouldn’t shut up, and that I started it...

I’m not stupid I know I probably could have handled the situation better but I lost my cool because he knows how I feel about smoking in front of the kids. I told him he wouldn’t allow anybody else to smoke a bong infront of our children so why would he think that its ok for him to just because he’s their father?

Anyway he is still here. He’s told me he will stay away from me and just be here for the kids.

Just need some advice. I’m not a smoker, I feel like he’s got some anger issues because what he did was totally uncalled for.

He could have recognised why I was so mad about what he was doing. Our kids are my life and I’ll fight for them, just because he is their dad doesn’t mean I’ll keep my mouth shut about the things he is doing that is totally unacceptable.