Work discrimination

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I recently found out I’m pregnant with our third child. No one seems to be excited for us. Mind you I just had our second daughter 8 months ago, but that doesn’t matter it’s our life! I told people at work, and I seem to be getting a lot of crap from one girl. My boss called her last night to tell her to let me go home, because I wasn’t feeling well. (This girl, and I do not get a long so I try, and talk to my actual boss before I have to talk to her.)

This childish brat had the nerve to call me a whore pretty much. Saying that it’s not her fault I spread my legs, and let my husband cum inside me. My boss told her that she was out of line, but this girl is just out to ruin me. She’s had my one closing shift a week taken away from me “because it’s not fair” that I have a closing section, and close manage the restaurant at the same time. (Mind you she does the same) I am ready to call corporate, and file discrimination. Has anyone else had to deal with this kind of thing?