No sleep, again ):


So my almost six month old has been doing pretty good in her crib but lately when I put her down after her bottle I pat her to sleep. (Idk why I started doing this?) I know it’s my mistake. I think she got use to it because she’s literally up every hour or every other hour whining or she’ll start to cry and I’ll get up right away to pat her back to sleep. It’s mainly when she rolls over to her tummy it’ll wake herself up for some reason. That wasn’t an issue until this week ): I’m so tired I’m a zombie and totally jealous that my hubby sleeps through all of this every night. I don’t know what to do anymore. Let her cry it out? Should I just let her try and learn to fall asleep on her own when I put her down after her bottle? FTM here so I could use the advice. It’s 5:48am right now and I feel like I got zero hours of sleep.🥺