Is there anyone here that hadn’t been to the dentist in awhile and had a good experience?

I’m terrified of the dentist, always have been. Well I had my son three years ago and couldn’t go while pregnant (the dentists here don’t like working on pregnant women) soon after I had him though, I lost my insurance so I haven’t been to the dentist since.

I know for a fact I have cavities, I’ve always gotten them VERY easy and I’m just scared they’ll find me disgusting or something.😂🤦🏻‍♀️ I really do try and take care of my teeth but I still get them like it’s nobodies business. The last dentist I went to I had a horrible experience and that’s one other reason I haven’t been back, like I said I’m already scared of the dentist and that incident just made it way way worse.😬

Any advice that could make my trip there better and make me calm down a little bit?