Moms who are back to/soon to be at work

Ellie • Lauren Rozella-Mae 3.11.19 💖

Please tell me it gets easier. My heart is breaking into a million pieces thinking about returning to my full time job on Monday and putting LO in daycare. I have multiple recommendations from friends and coworkers on daycare so I'm not worried about my baby being in daycare, it's that I'm going to be away from her 10 hours a day 5 days a week. I worked full time while attending college full time to earn my degree before baby was born and now I have an amazing career that I'm very proud of, but none of that matters to me anymore. I want to be home with my baby, at least until she's 1, because at this age babies need their mommas! I'm in such a hard place because I'm the breadwinner so our family would take a huge hit if I quit my job or cut back my hours at all. My husband says I'll have nights and weekends with her, but that's not enough. He offered to get a second job so I could be home with her, but then we'd never see each other and he would never get to spend time with his daughter. This is so hard.