Would you be okay with this...

I'm 36 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I have a 17 month old daughter. My fiance has been talking about getting a dog for the past few weeks. I'm not particularly a dog person, I've had dogs growing up but I'm not someone who cant love without a dog. My fiance got a dog 3 years ago when we first moved in together, he worked long hours so she became my responsibility as I was home more than him which I didn't mind as it was just us. Then we had our first child and he lost all interest in looking after her he never fed her or took her out and I struggled to take her out with the pram by myself as she was a big dog and needed a lot of exercise so she was stuck in the house all day with me. He never used to take her out when he finished work or even in his days off she began to start weeing and pooping in the house and I couldn't have that with a baby rolling around the floor and learning to crawl it wasnt hygienic even when cleaned I still felt it was dirty. We eventually had a massive row and I said to him she has to go. I cant cope and he didn't bother with her and it wasnt fair on the dog. Anyway, we found her a great home and still keep in touch with the people who have her and she has a great life. Fast forward 18 months and in due to give birth in 4 weeks and he has gone out to buy a puppy who is ready to leave her mother in 4 weeks. He will be getting her 2 days before my due date. When we spoke about it I said I dont mind getting a dog but just not yet as in due to have this baby and we've already got a 17 month old. I tried to compromise and said we will get one next summer (this time next year) when our first daughter will be 2.5 years old and our second will be about 1 year old. And he agreed. So I thought. But last night he sprung it on me that hes put a deposit down on a labrador puppy. And hes bringing her home in 4 weeks. So we are going to have to adjust to life with a newborn, a toddler and a puppy. Hes going to be having 2 weeks off so after then it's all on me. Trying to figure out life with a toddler, a newborn and a puppy. Oh and we have kitten also that's 7 months old (we got her for our daughters 1st birthday as she loves cats) and shes a handful too. I've explained all my reasons why I dont want one right now and he literally doesn't care. I was going to go back to college in January but found out I was about 3 months pregnant in December so there was no point starting a new course so I'm planning to go back next january. Hes been trying to soften the blow by saying he will buy me anything I want. Or he will give me loads of money to go and get what I want. I dont want presents, I dont want his money and I dont want a dog.

Am I wrong for feeling like this. I feel trapped like I dont have a choice but to deal with this dog. Our house isn't big and I feel like we are going to get on top of each other with a toddler running around and all her toys, a puppy and all her toys and then a baby and all the stuff we need around for that. I hate this situation and I cant believe hes gone behind my back and done this and expects me to like with it no matter what I've said. He doesn't even care and that's what hurts the most.

Would you be okay with this situation?