Losing Interest After Infidelity

I made the decision to forgive my husband and work on our marriage after he tried to sleep with two other women. The incidences were a year apart, one was a family friend and the other, an old fuck buddy of his.

I was in school and just having a baby so I made the decision to stay for various reasons. One being I still loved him and accepted my role in our shaky relationship. The other reason, I believed him when he said he was sorry and will never hurt me again, especially after I had him served with divorce papers at work.

The issue now is, even though he has his idiotic moments, he's actually trying to be better. He appears to care alot about my happiness and listens more now. Like he did in the beginning. However, with all this I've kinda lost interest in him. No, I'm not looking for anyone else or even planning on leaving him. I'm just not turned on like I used to be.

Idk, maybe it's because he has made some shitty comments about my body when he was trying to justify why he attempted to cheat or it could be him looking at other women in a sexual way just turns me off mentally. Or, it can possibly be the depo shot I started that has me bleeding since March. I don't think that's it though, because I didn't want him to touch me even before the shot. The bleeding just gives me a solid excuse.

I love him, but I'm not in love with him. He doesn't make my heart flutter anymore. He touches me and I have to fight myself to prevent pushing him away or showing my disgust. I let him get his only because I don't want him cheating, but I'm not satisfied.

I wish I knew how to fix this, I really do because like I said, I still love him. Has anyone else gone through this and made it out fine, with the relationship still in tact?