I've booked an early scan! A day before fathers day 😍


So, here we only get a 12 week scan and a 20 week scan. Unless you're high risk or for some sort of other reason that the doctors need to double check on or if you pay to go private.

With my son I had 3, the last one was a growth scan. For some reason I wasnt bothered about early scans with him or early gender reveal or the 3/4d scans. But for some reason this time round I'm way more nervous about this pregnancy. I think it's more to do with how amazing my pregnancy labour and birth was with my son it's got me thinking surely I cant have such a perfect experience again!? But that isn't the only reason.. my last 'period' was April the 2nd and that puts me at 8 weeks and 2 days. However I missed my period in March and I was actually throwing up and had all symptoms of pregnancy but my test was negative (maybe it was too early) bled for 3 days in April then got a positive afterwards. So I dont know know if I am 8w2d or if I'm way further along. Plus the things I'm feeling I didnt feel like this until I was about 13 weeks along with my son. I know every pregnancy is different and you're more body aware with the second pregnancy but not a chance can I wait for the 12 week scan when I've not even had my 1st appointment with my midwife yet!

So I've gone ahead and booked privately and on June 15th the day before fathers day we get to see our baby and find out our actual due date 😍😄😍😄