Why are people so obsessed with pregnant women????!!!!

Okay so when I wasn’t pregnant I was never staring at pregnant women.. asking them what they were having, when are they due, or touching they’re bellies...w/o permission.

Why are people doing this to me!!!😩😩😩😩

However I do like when I take trains or buses, Some nice woman or man gives up they’re seats for me. I was also at five guys today and was given free food, (because the store owner said my baby had to eat) I watched them make it so no I wasn’t poisoned lol.

Also I did see on the news that they’re was a girl from Chicago that got her unborn child cut out of her womb because a woman promised her baby clothes, they met on Facebook. This doesn’t happen often and I’m not trying to frighten anyone, but be very careful with people you don’t know!!! Just a heads up. Those lifetime movies aren’t always so fictional afterall.🙃

Anyways Happy Thursday to everyone! We are almost there July group 🥰😘😘🥰