Who else??

Brandy • •Chloe Grace ♡ 1/20/17 •baby #2 passed at 6.5 weeks (was due Sept. 2, 2019)...

I seriously wish I could just like text my doctor and be like hey this is happening!! Is this normal? Should I be concerned? Is it serious? Like ER visit serious? Or should I just lay up in the bed until I'm able to come to your office... ugggghhakdkdiwnsidoshejsla!


I decided to give in to good ole mother nature this morning, and my hubs and I had sex... well after that I've been spotting light pinkish/ with little faint red in it... mostly pink. So I'm like looking everything up trying to find out as much as I can on it because like I'm not cramping at all... so I'm not trying to worry myself. And I dont want to sit up in the er for hours... 🤦🏼‍♀️ pretty much everything I just read said I shouldn't worry unless its like gushing out of me. And I'm obv not gonna have sex again until the doc gives us an all clear... I'm seriously praying he does an early ultrasound (I'm positive hes going to, because of my last two pregnancies ending in miscarriage)... tell me this has happened to some of yall and everything has been fine! 😩