So I’m 11 weeks 1-2 days and When I got home from work last night I immediately started to cramp around my entire abdomen it got really tight and tender and painful and so did my lower back to the point where I couldn’t even stand up straight and I started crying... That lasted a good 20 min or so. Then the pain started to go away. So I lay down in bed and try to get comfortable but moving around was hard and I was still really tender. I feel fine today. I’m just scared. There was no blood at all but I’ve had 2 miscarriages previous to this. I’m guessing that wasn’t a good kind of pain. My obygn office is closed today sadly so I guess I’m going to call tomorrow and see if they can schedule me an ultrasound because my next one isn’t until the 19th.

Until then.. what do you guys think? Opinions? Has this happened to you? Should I be scared? Honestly