Ugggh here we go again ...

So I’ve always had a problem with my husband that I’m always catching him trying to buy drugs from this specific person he works with . In the past his always coming up with BS saying it’s for someone else his just buying them for them 🙄

I’ve found like rolled up dollar bills , I found a ripped up dollar bill rolled up and it had some white powder he said he was trying to prank me . We ain’t children so I just ignored that because I was pregnant high risk and I didn’t want to add more stress . I believe he continues this action because I just let it slide .

Another issue I have with him is that I went thru his apps that he has downloaded and there were apps about chatting and meeting new people multiple of them. He said he downloaded them because he saw that I was on my phone so much that he wanted to see if I was talking to anyone . It made no sense at all him trying to explain made my head hurt on top of that I just had our baby and I slept maybe 5 hours in a week . The thing that was confusing is he just downloaded random apps to find IF I was talking to anyone . I can’t even explain it over text because it makes no fucking sense.

Will today this morning I found him texting the same co worker . Asking him if he can take “medicine” later . He was quick to delete the message but not before I saw it . I confronted him about it and guess what his excuse was he deleted it because he knew I was going to think about drugs when he sent it and AFTER I confronted him he sent the person saying medicine for soreness.

I’m just so sick and tired of this always calling me crazy for jumping the gun , he thinks I enjoy fighting with him about this I don’t .

I ain’t crazy right? I think the only part I can take responsibility for is checking his messages and apps he downloaded invading his privacy.

I just need advice I have no one to talk to besides my baby lol and she isn’t much help .