Could it be possible?

So this is kinda weird but towards the beginning of this year i got a psychic reading for the first and only time. The psychic told me that i was going to become pregnant sometime this year but i didnt believe it at all because i havent had sex in so long ( in over a year) but fast forward now im in a relationship and im trying to have a baby.i just find it shocking how it was my first time getting a reading and he said things that are just now happening. Could it be possible that the psychic was right? And no i didnt really think about this until a couple weeks ago but i dont want to get excited over nothing. I never really had a healthy sexual relationship now and now piecing everything together makes me wonder 🤔. No i didnt ask the psychic if i was going to have a baby or anything baby related he just told me things that kinda made sense in the moment but now everything is coming together. Im not pregnant yet but im trying.

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