Fussing during feedings!


Help! My little one is 3.5 months. He has been formula fed since 3 weeks old. He sometimes will fuss during a feedings and freak out and arch his back. I don’t know if he has air in his tummy, has pains, or formula sensitivity. But I will give the binky and try to burp but he will still freak out so I lay back down to see if he wants more and he will freak if you put the bottle back in his mouth. Then I do binky again until he is calms down then I try the bottle again and he will eat more like nothing is wrong. Sometimes he will fuss after the feeding, sometimes he is happy. But some feedings he doesn’t do it at all. More than not. I’ve switched nipple sizes. I’ve used dr brown bottle and avent bottles. Ive sit him up more right. I tried burping more. And burping less. It’s just stressful when he freaks out at feedings and I don’t know what’s wrong or how to help him!