What do i do

So ive been seeing this guy for around a month or 2 , lets call him ben. we arent exclusive but we act like a couple. I left the idea that we still should be able to explore other relationships since i was left heartbroken not long ago and i dont want to settle until im sure. I dont know if that’s wrong? But Ben doesnt like that, he said he would never talk to me again and he was really upset about the idea. I know hes really invested in me and he even said he loves me. We moved way too fast.

Just recently, i met someone else, Sam. Instant chemistry. I dont think ive ever talked to anyone the way we talked. We stayed up all night on the phone, just talking about who we are, and whats next for us, everything. No guy has ever tried to get to know me the way Sam did. He was all I ever wanted to find in a guy, one that doesnt move quickly, just tries to get to know me and like me for me. He trusted me with things and i felt needed by him. I dont get this feeling with ben, ive told ben we moved too fast and never got to really know eachother.

So sam asked me out, on a date. In that moment, i was like wow this is all i want. So i said yes. I know i need to tell Ben, i just dont know how. I keep telling myself we aren’t exclusive so he cant be mad at me but i know he will be.

Please help me. I know you all may feel like i strung ben along but i truely did like him i just had doubts that i did bring up with him. And now i met sam and im even more confused.