My daughter is teething. Her fever has been going on for 3 days, I give her Tylenol and it brings her fever down a little. Her fever started around 101.2 . Yesterday it was down to 99.8 . Today it was back up to 101.3

All of these temps were taken in the morning. Im giving her appropriate dosage for her age and weight. (9 months, and 18-23 pounds. 21 lbs at the last docrors appointment)

She has some sick symptoms too:

Sleepy/ lethargic

Doesnt want solids too much

Taking 38 breaths per minute

Really cranky and fights her sleep hard

Shakes her head a lot

Pulls at the hair by her left ear

And has a small rash developing on her back. Should I take her in? I don't know how high a fever should be for teething babies at 9 months before I take her in.

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