What do you guys think of my lovely husband?

My husband got Into a motorcycle accident almost two months ago. I asked for time off work to take care of him as he needed to learn how to walk again after breaking his femur broken and having a hip replacement plus the trauma. I have been taking care of his company (construction) and the last couple of weeks hes been able to come with me and we’ve worked together. Since he’s the bread winner and I make minimum wage, I suggested we both work together in this company and make double our money. He was more than happy and I was serious about quitting my job. After all, this would allow me more time with my beautiful little 2 year old as well as my lovely stepkids. I could be part of their lives a lot more since I wouldn’t be working for someone. My husband has always wanted this but I didn’t want to leave my job and give it up.

Anyway, we’ve been getting in arguing lately and not getting along so well. He got mad at me tonight for not giving our daughter watermelon and wanted to tell a 2 year old that her mother was good for nothing. While his 16 year old son stood there listening to his father speak of his wife like that. Then my husband proceeded to tell me and i quote

“I don’t think you should quit your job. And I think you should go back ASAP even if that means it’s this week. I don’t need you anymore”

(While having the worst attitude and being aggravated)

All I said was ok. Now my main concern is the way he spoke to me. The things he said about me and most of all thank god I have not quit my fucking job yet. I know that he will probably regret saying this as we already had big plans as far as working together and now he has opened the door again for me to walk away 😬