Might be helpful for woman TTC

Veronica 💙

I don’t want to or mean to offend anybody just want to give a bit of advice.

I went to the clinic for a check up for my depression...after my miscarriage. I also asked for a pregnancy test which was negative at the time. I asked the midwife I was talking to for some advise on TTC. She told me her exact words, “if you have sex 3-5 times a week, you are gonna hit it” Sperm lives for 5 days at the most so if your having sex you won’t miss the window. And she had said and I’ve heard woman tell me that they are tracking and tracking their cycles and cannot get pregnant. She told me to just take it easy don’t stress too much about it because it usually happens when you least expect it.

I stopped tracking and not stressed about it, if it happens it happens and if it doesn’t well just enjoy the the baby making time 😉 Needless to say that my rainbow baby 🌈 👶🏽 is on its way now!

Hope this helpeD at least some or gave some hope to you ladies.Good luck to every one of you and wishing you all sticky beans ✨ 💗