Advice please!

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So somewhat long story short, my husband and I were surprised two weekends ago now that we are expecting our second child. I am not far along only six weeks, our son is going to be eight months old this month so it was a big surprise to us since we were not trying for a second and had planned on putting it off to put a little space in between them. I suffered two miscarriages prior to my sons birth they were devastating and it took us a while to conceive him. In the meantime one of my best friends had had a child before me about three years prior. Her husband and her are very close friends of ours, her and I share everything. She has been wanting a second child ever since her only boy turned one unfortunately her husband is not on the same page and has completely dismissed her feelings and has put his foot down that there will be no more children. I’ve held her many times while she cried to me over this. She has finally just begun slightly excepting that she will no longer fight with her husband about another child she is almost 37 years old and does not want to risk having an on healthy pregnancy. She is still devastated and is getting better now I come to find out I’m pregnant and I’m having a hard time figuring out how to tell her when the time comes if my pregnancy is successful. I know she will be happy for me but I know this will also crush her... I honestly don’t know how to go about telling her… I know I want to pull her aside maybe take her out to dinner and tell her the news alone and be as sensitive as I can to her without being apologetic for being pregnant. Does that make sense to anyone? How would you ladies go about something like this, wording wise what would you say? Thanks in advance for any help I appreciate it!